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Hi! I’m Jill Walters and here is what YOU are going to learn at my blog. First, you are going to learn from someone who has successfully built a six figure business. Network Marketing business, online and offline. Prior getting started into this industry I was Information Technology Specialist. I have several Microsoft Certifications – Microsoft Certified System Engineer. I work for IBM, Target, Cargill and General Mills. In 2004 I was laid off.

I have built a great income from working my business from home using High Tech (Internet) and High Touch (Phone and Face to Face) techniques. My family came first. But, it didn’t stop me from wanting to continue my IT consultant and work my business partime. There had to be a way I could work from home, earn a great income and still be with my children.

So, I jumped in. I read every piece of information I could get my hands on and attended every training seminars to learn the people and leadership skills I needed to be successful in Network Marketing.

Currently I just celebrate my 11 years in network marketing and looking back through all it was worth it . If one skill I learn was people skills learn more about people then your product and service and you will be unusually successful.

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